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Revised 10.30.17

2017-2018     Basketball Schedule

Oct. 23rd- Oct. 27th          Lick Creek – Goreville                   Away

Nov. 2nd          Thurs.          Thompsonville                               Away   Bus 5:15            

Nov. 6th              Mon.         St. Johns                                           Away   Bus 5:00

Nov. 9th             Thurs.        Unity Christian                               Home

Nov. 13th          Mon.          Zeigler/Royalton      Home             Peewee Game @ 5:30

Nov. 16th          Thurs.        St. Johns                                           Home

Nov. 20th            Mon.        Unity Christian                              Away Bus 4:45

Nov. 21st            Tues.         Wayne City                                      Home

Nov. 28th      Tues. Zeigler/Royalton    Peewee Game @ 5:30     Away       Bus 4:30

Nov 30th             Thurs.       Ewing                                                 Away   Bus 5:30

Dec. 5th            Tues.           Spring Garden                                Home

Dec. 7th             Thurs.        Bethel                                               Home

Dec. 9th              Sat.            Eldorado     (Varsity Only)          Away   11:00 Game

Dec. 11th- 14th           6th Grade Tournament                           Home

Jan. 5th            Fri.             Lick Creek                                           Home

Jan. 8th            Mon.             T-ville                                                            Home               

Jan. 9th       Tues.                 Galatia                                              Home

Jan. 11th        Thur.              Spring Garden                                Away   Bus 4:45

Jan. 16th        Tues.              Opdyke                                             Away    Bus 4:45

Jan 23rd                                 Regionals                                         TBA


            Akin 7th Grade Tournament                   Home            Feb. 12th- 17th

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